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Week 3! Still On The Wagon w/Some Pros-n-Cons

My Safe Cig Experience

Some E-Cig Benefits, other than No Tar & No Carcinogens

The list of benefits for e-cigs goes on and on.  Some of these benefits include:  You will not stain your fingers, teeth, curtains, walls, or windshield with cigarette smoke residue.  The smoke that is released from The Safe Cig is simply a water vapor that dissipates in the air within seconds.  The Safe Cig leaves no residue or odor in the air.

You will no longer smell like smoke and neither will your house, your car, your breath, or your hands.  You eliminate a major risk of fire to your home that burning cigarettes and lighters create.  And for some, no more burns or holes on your coach or recliner, quilts or blankets, carpet, shirts, pants… and you can continue here ( … ).

You will not produce any ashes or cigarette butts.  Because of this, you will no longer need ash trays in your home. Getting rid of ash trays will also help with the smell in your car and your home.  And, how many times have we had to put our shoes back on, to go back out in the middle of the night, to find a pack of cigarettes, no matter the distance, even in a storm, and have to buy from whatever store is open, because we were afraid we wouldn’t have enough cigarettes left to make it till morning.

I’m sure you will encounter other benefits I have not mentioned here, such as those while engaged in different social situations. But, I think you get the idea!

Now for a currently unavoidable and negative point about electronic cigarettes;

As posted from Week One, “Batteries, for me, have been lasting from 5 to 6 hours. Just as with the number of cigarettes I was smoking, it just depends on the variance of how busy or distracted I am from drawing on The Safe Cig that day.”

Update: Week Three; How long can you really expect Safe Cig lithium-ion batteries to last?

I originally ordered The Safe Cig Pro Starter Kit which includes Two Rechargeable  Batteries.  Using and recharging each battery around twice per day, I found that approaching my second week of usage, my average battery use time before needing to be recharged was around 5 hours.  After 3 weeks of the same routine, my batteries have begun to lose charge at around 3 hours.  This was a loss of approximately 40%, a bit disappointing!  I contacted the Safe Cig service center and asked for their projections on declining battery usage over time, and how long I should expect my batteries to last with not less than 3 hours usage between charges.  Here is what I learned; “The maximum capacity of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries will naturally decrease with time and usage.  On average, your Safe Cig’s battery gives you 4 to 5 hours of usage on a full charge.  This will also vary from user to user.  Some heavy users may only get 2 to 3 hours.  It is always wise to have a few extra batteries on hand in case you run out of power.  The overall life span of a Safe Cig battery is about 1400 charges or about 4 to 5 years.”

After carefully considering the Pros and Cons of any e-cig over tobacco cigarettes, and the praises given by numerous reviewers of this highly advanced Safe Cig Battery and its Lifetime Replacement Warranty, I believe the undeniable benefits of The Safe Cig greatly outweigh the negative for me.  I probably missed out on the only Perfect Solution for hassle free nicotine addiction 33 years ago when I smoked my first tobacco cigarette.

Oh well, I decided it was in my best interest to order some fresh batteries and put them “back”, for the day that would surely come.  The nice Safe Cig folks make this so much less painful with their Free Lifetime Battery Replacements!  At least now, I’ll not be without my e-cigs, while waiting for replacement batteries.  The last thing I want to do is go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

I will continue to record my daily usage times on using my original/marked batteries. And, I promise to update you in a future post, on usage times that you can expect between charges and over the lifetime of these Safe Cig Lithium Ion Batteries.

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Virgil Seaber III

Happy “Vaping” !           


After One Week – The Safe Cig Is a Hit with Me !

First,  The burning question that everyone has been asking;

Have I Stopped Smoking Cigarettes?

If I had made a commitment to completely stop smoking my regular brand of cigarettes from the start, now with my new electronic cigarette, I don’t think it would have been very hard.  I was smoking from 20 to 30 cigarettes a day.  Now, after just 1 week,  I’m only smoking from 2 to 3 of my regular cigarettes (Decade Menthols) a day.  I have been doing this I think, just to see the difference again.  I no longer feel I just have to have a cigarette first thing in the morning or immediately after meals.  I now find I prefer my Safe Cig at those times.

“Vaping” The Safe Cig (vaporizing nicotine, not burning tobacco) is kind of like switching brands for me. I think I’m actually beginning to like the Safe Cig Menthol better.  I now easily leave behind my pack of tobacco cigarettes when leaving home, even if leaving for several hours.  I do not entertain the thought of purchasing a replacement pack as long as I have The Safe Cig with me.  I no longer like to smoke tobacco in my home.  I have become more self-conscious about the freshness of the air in my apartment for visitors.

I believe; I will most likely try to Completely Quit Smoking Tobacco, after the carton I bought on August 9th runs out.  I didn’t get my Safe Cigs until the 11th.  This may take a while yet, I’m not quite ready to throw them out.  I think I’ve made some Great Progress already!  Remember, I’ve been carrying a pack of cigarettes around with me for 33 Years!  Carrying them with me Always, is a hard habit to break by itself, even if I wasn’t to smoke any of them!  I still sometimes carry a pack with me and often give away just about as many cigarettes as I’m still now smoking, Just 2 or 3 a day…

I’ll update you all again, about my progress with ending my tobacco use completely, in the near future.

After 7 days experience (from Aug 11 to Aug 17, 2011) using The Safe Cig, I have found that generally I use up from 2 to 3 charged batteries before my refill cartridge starts to “give out”. To give out, I mean – no vapor. When the battery is nearly exhausted, the LED light at the “simulated-ash” end of the Safe Cig will blink 3 times in a row after trying to draw vapor without success.  Batteries, for me, have been lasting from 5 to 6 hours.  Just as with the number of cigarettes I was smoking; it just depends on the variance of how busy or distracted I am from drawing on The Safe Cig that day.

Since I have to charge my batteries 2 to 3 times a day, I highly recommend getting the Two Battery Safe Cig Pro Kit if you smoke 1 pack or more a day. It only takes about an hour to recharge the batteries, but I don’t think many smokers would care to wait that long.

The Safe Cig User’s manual says it is safe to inhale the vapor as long as it lasts, however I find that near the end of a cartridges life, the vapor will begin to taste a bit metallic and I change out for a new one immediately.  Since 1 refill cartridge equals the smoke from approximately 20 cigarettes, I don’t find this un-acceptable.

In one week I have used 9 cartridges.  Each refill cartridge is stated to equal a pack of cigarettes by The Safe Cig Company.  I was smoking around 1 to 1.5 packs of tobacco cigarettes a day, which should have been equal to 7 to 10 refill cartridges used up in 1 week for me.  With 1 refill cartridge compared to 1 pack of cigarettes, my refill cartridges are actually lasting me up to 11% longer (more puffs) than expected.

Because of the convenience of using The Safe Cig (I don’t have to reach for my lighter and light up) I find myself puffing a little more often when doing things such as riding in a car or talking with friends.  However, I find that when I’m occupied with my hands, such as typing out this Post, I don’t have a cigarette burning in my ash tray and going to waste.

Now, here are a few habits that may prove to create funny or awkward moments when switching from burning cigarettes to electronic Safe Cigs;

During the first 3 days of using my Safe Cig, I was still carrying a lighter in my pocket, and my regular brand of cigarettes “just in case”.  A few times while holding my Safe Cig and talking with friends around a table, I found myself pulling out my lighter and trying to light my Safe Cig! Thank God I caught myself before burning the plastic led on the end, or even worse, Blowing Up the Lithium Ion Battery!  Don’t worry, I don’t think anybody could ever make this mistake long enough, my error was realized upon the first puff.

Another habit that will take me a while to change, several times when moving around, from sitting at my computer to a couch or chair or back, I’ve gotten back up, to go find and carry back my ashtray!  Laugh if you want, but I bet you end up doing the same thing and feeling equally stupefied at times, if you too decide to switch from tobacco to The Safe Cig.

If you are already using an e-Cig, please feel free to Post any of your funny or unexpected experiences while learning to make the healthy switch from tobacco cigarettes.

I also welcome any other comments or unanswered questions you may have.

I’m currently compiling Public Do’s and Don’ts for my next Post.

Till then…Happy “Vaping”

-Virgil Seaber III                                                                          

My Safe Cig Package Has Arrived !

In my last post, I stated that I had placed an order for my first Electronic Cigarette (E-Cig), late last Friday evening, August 5th.  The order was for The Safe Cig-Starter Kit Pro (2nd of three options) for $89.95

I was pleased with the Free shipping, my order was shipped on the first available work day, Monday – Aug 8th and I received it on Thursday Aug 11, 2011. The order took 4 work days with their Free Standard Shipping, from California to me in Farmington, MO.  Expedited shipping is available.  Not Bad.

I now have had 3 days to take some photos and try my new Safe Cig out.  (More about that later)

First, I was very pleased to receive, boxed & shrink wrapped, fully documented, labeled & individually Logo’d products from Safe Cig. Their First Impressions were First Class!  I felt like I was unpacking an Ipod at Christmas!  The Safe Cig-Starter Kit Pro includes 2-White Electronic Cigarette Batteries, 1- USB Charger, 1- Wall Charger & 1- Five pack of nicotine Refill Cartridges in the flavor you choose.  I added to this Starter kit, 3-additional Refill Cartridges and 1- Egyptian Safe Case ($12.95) to safely carry and store my new Safe Cig, for a total of  $140.40

The Safe Cig Store has other accessories, such as Car Chargers, E-Cig Cases etc.

Safe Cig offers 3 Flavors of Cartridge Refills: Classic Tobacco, Traditional & Menthol, and six strengths of nicotine: Full Flavored 24mg, High 18mg, Medium 14mg, Light 11mg, ultra Light 6mg and Nicotine-Free 0mg.  I have decided to start at 24mg and work my way down slowly.  You really can adjust your nicotine however you want, depending on if you want to maintain a desired level of pleasurable “vaping” (smoking), or  if you wish to slowly and comfortably reduce your nicotine level and ultimately quit.

One 5-Pack of Cartridge Refills cost $12.50 –  One cartridge is supposed to hold as much “juice” as a full pack or 20 cigarettes.  This has been my experience so far. One Safe Cig Refill Cartridge equals one pack of  Tobacco Cigarettes for only $2.50.  Here in Missouri $2.50 is about the lowest price I can find for cigarettes.  I know my sister in South Carolina pays around $7-$8.00 a pack. Saving money is a great reason alone to switch to e-cigs.  Even if I don’t slow down on “vaping”, I’m excited to save money.   And depending on where one lives, possibly, A Lot of Money! Get out your calculator.

I was quite impressed that The Safe Cig  folks will not bow down to selling lots of “candy” flavored E-Cig Refill Cartridges as many other start up company’s are.  Apple, cherry, bubble gum, grape etc, are all most likely to attract new smokers and especially kids!!!  Safe Cig is plenty big to do this, I just believe The Safe Cig Company desires to operate with higher principles and standards.  And, I believe their product will stand up against any litigation the future may hold.

As I usually smoke up to 1+ packs of cigarettes a day, I decided to go with the $89.95 Pro Kit, because it included two batteries, and with both fully charged, I was told they should last me a full day of “vaping” or as I would say, highly accurate simulated smoking. One great thing to consider is the fact that The Safe Cig Company also gives a full Lifetime Warranty on their batteries.  If they ever fail, just send them in for a replacement.  On my first day of use, the battery lasted me for around 4-5 hours.  I recharged my 1st used up battery in around an hour, while I then used the other one that came with my starter kit.  The batteries arrive about half charged from the manufacturer.  The batteries and chargers have led signals to let you know when to charge, and the charger’s led turns from red to green when charging is complete.  Very nice.

I haven’t had enough time with The Safe Cig to fairly share my take, pro and con, and subtle impressions on this product in detail, but let me tell you that I was thinking Wow!!! on my very first puff.  My neighbor Pancho, that happened to be visiting with me when I opened the package,  he just had to try a puff too, and couldn’t believe it either!   The Safe Cig looks strong right from the box!

I have been saving up some interesting points, insights and some rather funny, unexpected conflicting habits, that arose in just my first couple days.  But that, and how The Safe Cig may be the answer I’m looking for to convert me from my tobacco smoking habit, will have to be saved for my next Post.  I’m puffing on my Safe Cig right now while I’m writing this Post.  My monitor sure stays a lot cleaner!

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And, If I can get the lighting “just” right, and my face is not to distracting, don’t be surprised if we have a Video “Smoke-Out” Comparison between “Vapor” and  “Smoke” Next Post …. Until then I’ll leave you with a few photos of my Un-Packing…. and Happy Vaping!

Virgil —                                                                                                    

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My first exposure to an Electronic Cigarette

I’ve been a, full flavor, menthol tobacco, cigarette smoker for over 33 years. In this Blog, I will be posting my reasons and experiences with attempting to make a transition from smoking +/- 2 packs per day, to an E-Cig. Although I’m trying this for health reasons, I don’t yet desire to quit the pleasure of smoking, nor wish to experience the discomfort of nicotine withdrawal. I hope this Blog will be of interest to those wanting, a tobacco alternative, to cut down, or to completely quit.

Speaking with my younger sister (a 20+ year smoker & nurse) in mid July 2011,  my Sis shared with me that she had tried a “puff” from a friends new Electronic Cigarette (E-Cig) and was so much impressed by its realistic tobacco smoking characteristics, yet promising no contribution to tobacco related illnesses, that she was considering purchasing an E-Cig Kit for herself.  My interest was peaked.  I too have been a heavy smoker,   and like most of us, too often reminded of the risks of smoking.  I am now 52 and have been smoking +/- Two Packs a Day for over 33 years, but as of yet, still do not have the desire to give up the pleasure of  smoking, nor do I wish to suffer the discomfort of nicotine withdrawal.

My tobacco of choice is a full flavored, menthol cigarette.  Thus began two weeks of intensive online research by me, to find out All I could about these new, electronic, tobacco cigarette alternatives.  I wanted to find out if there was an acceptable menthol cigarette alternative for me.  After much online reviewing (reading of reviews, comparisons and watching videos) of the hundreds of choices now available since the first E-Cigs became available in the US around 2007, I have finally made my decision.  I have ordered an E-Cig starter kit called The SafeCig,  by a company of the same name located in California.  They come highly recommended in my many hours of research and from numerous reviewers.  The SafeCig was also the 1st to offer an E-Cig in America (more later).

My order was was placed late last Friday night, August 5, 2011.

I anxiously await my order and will update this Blog with my impressions when the package arrives !!!

Hope ya’ll check back soon,